Poll on 3rd edition’s theme

In September 2020 the third edition of Turning will be published and for this we need your input! We’ve come up with three different themes that could be covered in it, but which one would you find most interesting?

For more information on the themes read the pitches below the poll and please vote on your favorite topic!


What should be the theme of Turning’s 3rd edition?

AI in daily life
AI superhumans
Environmental AI

AI in daily life – Thinking about AI, big futuristic scenarios of robots taking over the world come into mind. What we think about less is how AI affects our personal everyday life in the present. There’s not a day passing by, where we are not affected by intelligent algorithms in one way or another. Whether it’s your phone recognizing your face, Spotify recommending you new songs or your inbox deciding whether a mail belongs to spam. Many AI-products have become so good that we don’t even appreciate the extensive research behind them. As Fred Reed once put it:When we know how a machine does something ‘intelligent,’ it ceases to be regarded as intelligent.” So how are machines already intelligent in our everyday life? And how do the algorithms behind them work? This and more could be the topic of our next edition!

AI Superhumans – In the past few years we have seen an uprecedented number of technological breakthroughs. Exoskeletons and mind controlled prostethics, sensory enhancements and the attempt to merge our minds with artificial intelligence are all not science fiction any longer. What new paths are going to unfold for us as a species as we are closing the gap between man and machine?

Environmental AI No matter your age, gender, heritage or political opinion, we all have one thing in common: our planet. Saving it and making sure it will provide a home for generations to come, is the biggest challenge we humans may face, and for sure one of the most urgent challenges of the 21st century. AI is already implemented in so many fields of our lives, how can we make use of it to help us preserve our earth? In which way do we already rely on AI for environmental purposes? We will not find the ultimate solution on how to save our planet with the next Turning magazine, but we can inspire all of you to use AI to help out our earth-friend in need!