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Article – Alan Turing

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History AI & Art

DeepBeat website


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To AI or not to AI

Github code for generating rhymes

Augmenting Art

Related article from de Gelderlander (in dutch).

While there is no GitHub page containing the code for either of the mentioned apps, Loes is happy to help should any readers want more information. You can contact her via mail at

Measuring Subjective Phenomena

Spoiler title

Music Composition with AI


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Cyber Couture

Further reading


Anneke Smelik is Katrien van Munster professor of Visual Culture at the Radboud University Nijmegen. She has published widely in the field of fashion, cinema, popular culture and cultural memory. Her latest books are Delft Blue to Denim Blue. Contemporary Dutch Fashion and Thinking Through Fashion. A Guide to Key Theorists. She wrote a book in Dutch on cyborgs: Ik cyborg. De mens-machine in populaire cultuur.

Battle of Neural Networks


[1] Censorship of images in the Soviet Union (Wikipedia)

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[9] Sketch-Based 3D Exploration with Stacked Generative Adversarial Networks (github)

[10] Exploring galaxy evolution with generative models | Schawinski, K. et al. (2018)

Fun stuff

Want to play with GANs? Here’s a great link with various types of GANs, ready for you to use:

Generating images with GANs


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[4] We have used this particular DCGAN for this paper:
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Turning sketches into photos with AI

Turning sketches into photos with AI

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