Two and a half years into the (re)start of Turning magazine and five beautiful editions later, we are at a pivotal point. As Bachelor’s students we became Master’s students and almost the full current board will be graduating coming summer. And so we are urgently looking for people to fill our shoes. 

We will be sad to leave our precious child behind, but as we’ve seen our subscriber count grow over the years, we see great potential for its future. Yet, we are also realistic and see possibilities of shifting directions, such as becoming more online oriented as a means to reach a bigger audience. 

Are you a student, or group of students, in Nijmegen with fresh ideas and passionate about AI research and fun AI related things? Are you interested in joining a student board and gain experience in a specific role while also making new friends?

As part of the Turning board you:

  • have weekly fun meetings
  • help create a magazine that is read internationally
  • expand your network
  • increase your teamwork skills and make new friends
  • spend approximately 2 to 4 hours a week on Turning

Apart from the editorial board and the blog writers, the board manages the overall organizational part of the magazine. Right now, we are a team of six and together we fulfill the positions below. Some roles are less demanding than others and therefore can easily be combined.

As chair you:

  • lead meetings
  • manage the team
  • represent Turning

As secretary you:

  • write meeting minutes
  • take care of digital correspondence
  • maintain administration

As treasurer you:

  • keep an overview of our flow of money
  • manage the subscription payments for our subscribers
  • communicate financial matters with third parties; sponsors, subscribers

As editor in chief you:

  • lead the editorial team (of at least 3)
  • write editorials
  • review all written content

As chief of design you:

  • design the magazine
  • create posters and flyers for the website and blog
  • are free to introduce your own style 

As social media manager you:

  • promote the magazine’s articles on social media
  • create and design content
  • interact with our online audience

As blog coordinator you:

  • lead the blog writers 
  • support blog writers during the writing process
  • review all blog articles

As webmaster you:

  • manage our cloud and server
  • manage our website
  • keep everything up-to-date

As chief of external affairs you:

  • develop and manage Turning’s sponsorship plan
  • build and cultivate relationships with sponsors
  • enhances the professional image of Turning

Caught your interest? Don’t hesitate to send an email to for any questions you might have. Also make sure to follow us on social media to be updated about upcoming information sessions.