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Do you have any questions? Or would you like to join us? Feel free to use the contact form below!

If you want to join us at Turning there are two ways, as a board member or a blog writer. Read below the contact form what those positions entail.


Being a board member

As a board member you become part of the creation process of upcoming Turning Editions. You get to choose with the rest of the board which articles will make it into the magazine, review what writers submit and decide the direction an edition will go. You might also attend conferences and events to network and write about. We, as the Turning Board decide what we would like Turning to be. Join us and bring your own ideas to make the next editions even better!

As a secretary and/or Social Media Manager your tasks will entail joining our weekly meetings, writing minutes and keeping track of the boards to do’s. Further, you would get access to our LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram Accounts and regularly post updates on our work.

Being a blog writer

Would you like to contribute to Turning with articles on a regular basis? Do you have a certain topic that interests you and you would like to tell people more about it? Then you might be a perfect blog writer! You will get the freedom to choose your own topics as long as it is somehow connected to AI. That can be in a form of a blog post series, with several posts around one theme. Or you could just write about a range of topics with several individual posts. Give our blog your personal touch.


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