Unboxing the Black Box

We all have had experience with neural networks being black boxes. With artificial intelligence and machine learning becoming so prevalent in seemingly every new technology, it is hard to keep track of how it actually works. With image recognition being used in a wide variety of applications- from face tracking […]

Heart Wiring

– Why we should strive to make robots as empathic as humanly possible Slowly but surely robots are moving from an industrial setting into more interactive and social environments. To navigate social environments and social interactions, robots must successfully be able to interact with humans. Often these robots are modeled […]

The Perceptron

By now, Deep Learning and Machine Learning have become synonymous with Artificial Intelligence. Neural networks seem to be what flour is to any baker. But it has not always been like this. In fact, there has been a period of time, where neural networks were considered useless for AI applications. […]