Funny AI and When Things Go Wrong

For many of our readers, we just closed a very high-stress month: the exam period. Even for our non-student readers, there might still be a time where you just have recuperated from the holiday period and you are already working hard to achieve your new year’s resolutions or most likely failed by now. Even the blog writers need to start shedding our holiday weights and have buckled down for the busy exam period. All in all, this is the one time you might want to lay back and enjoy something casual and fun. Thus, for this article, all blog team members have made a collection of their funny and weird AI applications. 


We all have that one family member that has their timeline or journal full of inspirational “quotes”. They are often accompanied by stock images. We all think they are kinda silly, but yet, we crave more and need to be inspired on a daily basis. In comes InspiroBot, an AI that generates these inspiring quotes together with beautiful stock images. As we’re already in mid-February, the change we dream to have in a new year is slowly fading away. Some of us have not even started to run that 10km, as it was pretty busy,very cold, and most of the time it is raining, so you really don’t wanna go outside. Also your cat is now on your lap so it is the rule of the universe to not stand up. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that we might be in need for some extra inspiration! You should just go to InspiroBot and try to get the deeper meaning behind randomly generated quotes. 

Pudding- judge my Spotify

The world is filled with chatbots to assist with your tasks, but this one is a bit different. “Pudding” is how your soul feels after this AI roasts you for your music taste and those guilty pleasures. Trained by Mike Lacher & Matt Daniels, this AI looks at your Spotify history and “judges your awful taste in music”. We say, go for it. Feel what us writers felt when we took a test drive for ourselves. Just remember, we warned you.


This website is a compilation of all the AI fails which happen when it is used to create something from scratch. From creating demon babies with just a tiny resemblance to cats, to creepy Homer Simpson caricatures, to weird food blogs you never want to take directions from, to automobiles created straight out of something like the TopGear workshop. This website contains a cornucopia of hilarious instances when AI tried to take something human and give it an artificial twist. It is like someone has been given a paintbrush and a blank canvas, and they decided to collect all the bad karma you collected. All of these non-existing things are inspired from thispersondoesnotexist, a Generative Adversarial Network architecture, which we will not get into today. 

Reface App

Exploring non-existent cats is no doubt fun in its own right, but the game of deepfakes is taken to the next level with apps such as Reface where you take a video and a face of your choice and voilà! You get an AI-generated video. What’s special about this video is that the face in the original video is swapped with the newly generated face you selected. If you are a movie buff, you no longer have to wonder what it would be like if Tom Cruise played the role of Iron Man instead of Robert Downey Jr

I taught an AI to cook pasta

The Lockdown forced many of us to eat and cook at home. That means lots of pasta. Sabrina gets bored by this and instead of doing the sensible thing and learning new recipes, she decides to teach her computer to generate new pasta recipes. The video is both hilarious and informative at the same time. And the best part is that she links all her resources, so you can give it a try, too. We don’t want to give away too much, just watch it. Bonus point, you’ll learn about different neural networks so you can easily justify the procrastination. 

Code Bullet’s teaching an AI how to walk 

Another one in the category of “Nah, I will not feel guilty watching Youtube because it is somewhat educational”, is a video called “A.I. learns to Walk” by Code Bullet. In this video, the “totally competent programmer” to put it in his own words, has made a Creature Creator. In this simulator you can build your own creature and use AI to teach it how to walk. The algorithm used is the NEAT algorithm which is an evolutionary algorithm that uses a death laser as an incentive to propel the creature forwards. Sit back, relax and laugh your ass off by watching some anthropomorphized blocks flopping away from a deathlazer and exploiting the physics of the simulator to get to safety. Or if you feel a bit more active than that you can play around with the creature creator yourself by going to the website.

AI Generated music

AI is taking away our jobs, now it is encroaching on our music too? A website called Jukebox, uses an AI written by OpenAI researchers to create new music replete with lyrics. They use a very science-fiction, Marvel-movie-technobabble, sounding Vector Quantised Variational Autoencoder to create new music, trained using 1.2 million songs. They produce songs in different genres like pop, rock, country, metal, taking inspiration from legends like David Bowie, Frank Sinatra and Bob Marley. Worry not though, because it takes 9 hours of computation to render one minute of audio right now.

AI Dungeon

Feel like playing Dungeons & Dragons but your friends are not up for it? Or maybe machines are your friends? Then this is for you. AI Dungeon uses “the most advanced AI” to generate a story for you. You can do whatever you want, just type it, and it will happen. You can choose from a set of different worlds to base your adventure in. The AI will guide you in good old pen and paper fashion. Just without pen and paper.

AI Dungeon now has started to monetize their service. However, you get one week of a free trial, try it out! 

Pun Generator

Are you a fan of witty puns, but struggle to come up with them yourself? Then this website will be perfect for you. It will create puns and phrases from any word you type in, within seconds. Impress your friends with punishingly bad puns that you can find here.

AI can be really funny, either with what it is used for or when it just doesn’t exactly work like you expect it to. We as a team hope you enjoyed some time off and had a good laugh. We are sure you’ll find many more instances of hilarious AI implementations. Scared of AI taking over the world? Don’t be. It’s not perfect… yet.