What started out as ‘De Connectie’ in 1992, has now more than 25 years later, been revived as ‘Turning’. We are a team of AI-students doing our Bachelor’s/Master’s in Nijmegen, Netherlands and hoping to take another step in bringing Artificial Intelligence closer to the public.

Turning attempts to close the gap between the general interest and research in AI. As a contribution to explainable AI, Turning’s mission is to make the complex field of Artificial Intelligence accessible to students and the interested public.

The articles are written by a variety of people, including researchers and AI-students.

The Turning team

Stijn de Boer
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Anna Pillar
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Ron Hommelsheim
chief of external affairs
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Daphne Lenders
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Steffen Ricklin
web Developer
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Lotte Willems
creative director
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Where to find us